Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun week!

It has been fun to be back with Matt..and even though it has been cold this week- we decided to get out and do some fun stuff and enjoy all the time we have together :)

Of course...we played Just Dance!!

Matt's teammate, Radenko, and girlfriend, Ivana came over for "American Pancake" night. While I was gone, they had pancakes at least once a day :)

It turned more into a battle...rather than a dance!

We also went to a water park...called Bullabana- an indoor pool/sauna.

It was SOO nice and fun!!

I love these first couple of pictures- it was so warm in their my camera was all steamed up-- but it looks like I edited them that way :)

Colton was in HEAVEN! I have never seen him so happy in my life- for 3 hours he ran, splashed, squealed, and smiled :)

Towards the end of our visit more people started to show up, and Colton just watched the little boys run around.
Notice the little speedo-- most of the little kids don't wear suits at all

The next evening we were going to go bowling-- but it was full of German military, so we went back to our house and played UNO instead :)

However, the next day we did get to go bowling!!
Colton, LOVED that too-- he got to bowl a few times although Matt almost threw him with the ball ;)

Our wonderful friends, Katrin, Basti, Sandra, and her boy Jason

I HAD to post these..he is such a WIMP when it comes to stairs, and I mean really- is that little ledge even classified as a stair...

Please someone HELP...

No one helped...but he did make it down :)

I love him!


Anonymous said...

Hallo Matt, Chelsey und Colton,

ich wünsche Euch auf Eurem neuen Lebensabschnitt in Eurer Heimat alles Gute und vor allem Glück und Gesundheit. Schade, dass es für Matt sportlich nicht so gelaufen ist wie er sich das vielleicht vorgesttellt hat. Trotzdem vielen Dank für das, was er dem MBC und seinen Fans gegeben hat. Wir sind stolz darauf, das er ein Teil unseres Bundesligateams war.

Ich hoffe Ihr behaltet Deutschland in guter Erinnerung. Ich werde Euren weiteren Werdegang hier im Blog verfolgen. Es macht immer Spaß hier zu lesen.

Danke, eine gute Reise und alles Gute auf Eurem weiteren Weg...und vielleicht bis bald!

Ein Fan

chelseyandmatt said...

Vielen Dank für Ihren Kommentar. Was wir vermissen werden Deutschland und MBC, die größten Fans! Ich werde das Blog Update in Kürze mehr über Deutschland zu verlassen: (

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsey, Matt and Colton,

I was sad when I read that Matt leaves the MBC :-( But I wish him all the best for is career and maybe one day we will see him again at the MBC team. And for you and Colton also the best of luck.
A Fsn

Anonymous said...

Your German is great.....hope to see you both supporting MBC this evening! Good luck guys!

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