Sunday, November 27, 2011

Colton's Haircut

Do you think Colton likes getting his haircut?? 
He is getting better at sitting there actually.
But...this was ME who didn't want it cut.
It was bleached blonde from the summer and I LOVE his hair long
but it grows like a chia pet and it was time.

Here is the new Colton with dark hair.
Why aren't my kids toeheads??
I always was.
Oh well, I guess we will wait until next
summer for the blonde hair again :(
He is still cute.

1 comment:

The Henry's said...

I love when Jalen has long hair too. he used to HATE getting it cut, I'd have to bribe him with a sucker and work as fast as I could. He does much better now for what it's worth ;)

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