Friday, December 4, 2009

The Birthday Bash

Colton's first birthday was kind of sad for me, okay, sad because he was turning 1 of course, but ALSO because he really does Not like cake!! This picture just about Sums up us trying to force him to LIKE cake.
He was Matt's friend though, because Matt gave him meat, corn, and noodles (REAL FOOD) I guess he has Matt's taste and not my sweet tooth :) Probably a good thing!
Don't let this picture fool you, Matt is the one that smeared the cake on his face trying to make him get all into it..not working.
Matt thought it was really funny to put cake all over Colton's, but when Colton tried to do it back- it wasn't quite as funny!
Best Friends :)
Is this Steak???

The presents also didn't quite go as planned. He likes to throw, so every one that I gave him he Chucked it behind him and moved onto the next...but he did enjoy himself and that is all that matters!
His new German Feuerwehr Book... He WILL learn German!

Mikkel got him a new ball :)
Since when my mom came- we basically celebrated his birthday then as far as presents go, but it was perfect timing for Mikkel to come and bring some presents from Sari and Clair- awesome new clothes, nike shoes, and books (his favorite). Thanks so much from across the World!
THe BEST part of his birthday is that he turned into a WALKING machine. It has taken a couple of weeks to get rolling, but it is NOW his favorite thing to do.

Overall, it was a fun birthday and I am sad there are no pictures of Mikkel (she was the birthday photographer) and my mom was watching on Skype, and Sari even got to watch for a minute- obviously NO pics- but it was a great day for us as parents of the little man!
Thanks Colton for making our lives SO much fun. Colton has definitely turned into my little buddy with our move to Germany, and I love it. I couldn't ask for a happier, gigglier (sp) fun loving little boy!!
P.S. I have a million more pictures from this week..but I'll have to get to that after Mikkel leaves :(


Julie said...
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Julie said...

awww Happy Birthday Colton! He is so darling, his smile is to die for! So handsome. Hannah didn't even want to really play with her presents, she was like 'what in the heck am I supposed to do with this stuff?' haha. And hilarious that he doesn't like cake! Weird, I thought every kid loved sweets. Lucky for you! Hannah is never going to lose her fat cheeks cause she loooooves sweets. :) Glad to see things are going well for you and that you're getting to see some cool things. You should come visit us in Athens!

Logan and Lisa said...

Oh it looks like he had a fun birthday party. What a cutie! That's funny he didn't like the cake. It will be interesting if Ella will like it or not because I am like you loving sweets and Logan is like Matt liking the real food. We will see. (:

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

He is such a cutie. I didn't know he didn't like cake. That's funny you tried to force it to him.

Megan said...

i love how you always post tons of pictures. you guys are so cute and i love your family pic with santa on top. how much longer do you have in germany? so i answered your question about pictures next to eachother in the comment section on my blog where you asked the question. man, i have made this just about as confusing as possible. let me know if you need me to answer it again. i'm not very good at exlpaning things. and i am horribly technologically challenged. not joking.

Candice said...

I was laughing at that post :) That's not a bad thing that he doesn't like cake. I wish I didn't. Oh he is just so cute. I can't believe he is a year old!

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