Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sick DAY!

Matt, Colton, and I have all been pretty sick this weekend...and STILL SICK. So- this is what we have been up to :)

Reading books, and watching Baby Einstein :) Greatest movies EVER!
P.S. JUst look at Colton's Hair---wow SO much, and that's after AT Least 1o hair cuts so far in his young life!



Ohh no that is not fun being sick!!! I liked watching Colton look at his books, Malik does the same thing and it is funny how they are so in to it!!! Yes we loved the snow down here; I bet you guys got a lot more up in Germany... Yep we are going home for Christmas.. I will stay for 2 week and Salesi only has about 7 days, then back to rugby... Bummer but it will be fun... We leave this Sunday.. I am so excited to be home, not for the flight with this wiggly worm, it was bad when he was younger but now that he can walk I am not sure how it will be!! hahahah Colton is so cute, and he sure does have a lot of hair, a TON!!! Malik has not had the top cut yet, only the sides.. I love how you style Colton’s hair... What are you guys doing for Christmas? Well Hope you guys are feeling better! I too love to look and see if you have any new post, blogging is great!! :)

elise and jeff said...

You have the cutest family...sorry everyone is sick-I hate that! Your little man is adorable and looks a lot like you and the Chambers side :)

Future Mama said...

How cute!! You should just let his hair grow out and get really long and shaggy! haha. I think that's what I'll do if I have a little boy, lol.

Get well soon Colton!

Julie said...

I could sit and watch the video of Colton all day... He is the cutest little man. I'm really missing him, and you and Matt also. I hope you have an awesome time with the Stucki's and Tuvy.
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you waited to get sick until I left! Mwahaha! Just kidding. That's stinky. Think of all the funny videos you can make with all that time on your hands... I can post a video of you that I have if you want!

LP & TP said...

Hey Lady!! I'm so sorry all 3 of you have been sick! Eh, It feels so much worse when your our of the US too! ( Like no good medicine! ) haha. Take lots of pics with Matt's cute family! :) I know they were just counting down the days till they saw you guys. I'm so jealous of Germany's Xmas Decor. Croatia def does not go all out like you guys!! Hope you all feel better..... Wish we could all be with each other for Xmas. Trent actually has practice on Christmas day. NO JOKE>>> :(

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