Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More of Mikkel IN Germany :)

Colty was once again...a good little guy in his stroller. However, the older he gets, the more I feel bad to keep him in his stroller, because everytime we arrived home he started squealing and smiling because he could finally PLAy with his toys!
Well- our touring week continued and On Tuesday we took a short trip to Naumburg- I had heard that their might be English movies played in Halle, so I thought I would check out this theater- NOPE! Kind of bummed... Who needs entertainment anyway?
Isn't this great??
Mikkel got to eat at her first Eis Cafe, and believe it or not, Mikkel's ice-cream is the big one on the left- I had the tiny one :)

30 pages all of ICE-CREAM!
Our next journey was of course to Leipzig! These pictures are inside of the train station... I love all the Christmas Decor and Lights!

And finally...the Weihnachts Markt (Christmas Market)! For some reason, this is my favorite that I have been to so far- okay I haven't been to a lot, but I did go to the one in Dresden, and Leipzig seemed to have more of a variety of booths- and some really cute stuff!

Some examples of the really cute stuff... I have a very crafty mom and aunts- but I have never seen these??
SOO cute!They had medieval booths set up also where they sold hand carved toys/baskets/etc. etc.

This was Matt's favorite booth- with the swords/shields/and bow-and-arrows. We got some items for our nephews across the world, and hope they love them :)

And....My favorite item that I hadn't seen yet in Germany- the GERMAN HOUSES. They had about a million different houses to choose from, and I wish wish wish I could have a German village of my own to set up!!
In the Market, they of course have their Gluhwein stands. It is the traditional drink offered at the Weihnachts Markt, and is basically a red wine heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks. Obviously, we don't partake- but it's funny because they are always the most intriguing of the booths- I mean, who wouldn't want to go buy something from THAT: me. Ok, but this in particular booth, the Feuerzangenbowle means literally, "fire-tongs punch." Interesting.Mikkel couldn't resist the Mug- and so she got to taste the "Kinder Punch." The non-alcoholic version, basically apple cider.

My sweet husband as we were leaving the town! On the way out we got stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes, and we all started panicking he was going to be late for practice- he has already been fined for arriving 2 minutes late, so I don't think they are cutting any slack, Good thing for those Autobahns because as soon as we got out of that traffic it was Unlimited the rest of the way home :)
The morning of Colty's Birthday it was 50 degrees and sunny- so we took a quick trip to one of my favorite little towns, Freyburg. Not to be confused with Freiberg, or Freiburg which I believe are all pronounced completely different. And yes, we took a picture of the Fire Station in town!

Still so colorful in the wintertime!

Up by the castle. We came here with my mom, but the time of day that we came really didn't work well for taking pictures- so I took more!

And since we were really into taking pictures, we found anything and everything that we thought would be a cool picture, and took it! I have about a million more, but definitely do not need to post ALL of them!

Friday morning, we all got up and got ready to head out to the concentration camp. I tried Colton's hair out in the Fohawk, and now that it is so long it looks hilarious! But I left it, he is a baby :) I think he looks so big sitting in Matt's lap right here though!

Mikkel and Colty getting ready to go!

I am going to leave out the pictures of the concentration camp because I already put them on here, and it's just depressing anyway!

However, we took a short tour of Weimar when we were done and took a couple great pictures...

The Ritzy part of town!

This picture doesn't really do justice to the amount of chocolate that Mikkel purchased while she was here! She bought every/any kind! I was glad because she wanted to try a lot of it, so we had lots of chocolate every night :)
LOOK at that FOHAWK :)
He likes walking around holding dad's finger...CHEESE!
Kind of sad that all of the pictures we took at Matt's game were on Mikkel's camera! She got to play the drums with the fanclub, as well as do the chants with them! I took pictures, but with her camerA! She also got an MBC T-shirt! Fun!!

We had a great time with Mikkel and are So glad that she got to come visit! We love visitors :))


Anonymous said...

Can I come back? I miss Smoltz. And you guys too of course! Remember the time I got in a foot race with Colton and he beat me. He's a little stud walking around. Good pics you put on the blog! The contrast looks incredible!

Anonymous said...

Im in love with Mikkel! She looks cute...may i'll be her little german boyfriend? ;o)

chelseyandmatt said...

You can't be her boyfriend if she doesn't know who you are:)

Anonymous said...

I feel very sad now ;o( Give her my compliments. Merry christmas to the little Stucki-family and of course to Mikkel. Keep on blogging. Its very interesting to read the storries of your adventure here in Germany.


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