Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stucki's and Travis in Germany

First of all, Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!! We have had such a busy and fun week this past week, traveling to places that are unlike any we have ever seen! Matt's parents and sister and my brother arrived in Weissenfels a week ago and since then we have been on the go :)

Colton and Grandpa-- seeing eachother for the first time in over 4 months! I am not going to lie, he was a little nervous of everyone at first, but it didn't take long to get used to them!

The first night they were here we got to go to the MBC Christmas Party. It was in a dungeon room of our Weissenfels Castle, and I don't know how we ALL forgot our cameras!!

The next day, it was 15 degrees, but felt like 0 and we all went to Leipzig. Holy Cow, I don't think I have ever been so cold in my life, but it was fun! Here is Annie and I at the Eis Cafe ( we got Hot chocolate instead :) )

Of course he slept so nicely in his stroller :)

Entering into the Zentrum of Leipzig...

Inside a Cathedral in Leipzig
So proud of their first Bratwursts in Germany

Going into their very first Christmas Market

Inside of Bach's church in Leipzig

Next to the Bach Statue

Colton's new outfit that Sari got for him at our Ward Christmas Party..sooo cute!!

Waiting for Matt's game to start :)

The leader of the "Wolf Pack"

Missy and Zeke are back from America...they would not stop staring at eachother

Matt had a great game...and they WON! The newspaper come up after the game and interviewed Sari-- so that was fun :)

After the game, they all go around and give high-fives to all of the fans!

Colton and Caroline after the game in the VIP room. She is so so cute!!

After Matt's game they had 4 days off!!! Woo HOo.. So we took off to Southern Germany where I have been wanting to go since we got here. The first day we went to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is a city that still has the feel of the Medieval Times and it is seriously amazing! There are walls surrounding the whole city and gates to enter it, here we are about to enter!

The town is "Christmas all year 'round" and has stores that are completely decorated for Christmas...the girls in front of the Christmas store!

The store is HUGE on the inside, and it looks like little villages and houses with tons of ornaments and traditional German Christmas decorations.
It was again freezing, but it started snowing and warmed up a little bit, and it was so beautiful in the snow!

In front of the Cafe we ate dinner in...

Just one of the amazing buildings in this town. It was a really rich town and went through poverty after being taken over for years, so it was preserved because they weren't growing and expanding. Years later, it was still the same, and has now become a big tourist spot!

I always see this picture as a famous picture from Germany, so we had to find this location and take a picture...soo cool!

Matt and I :)

The boys walking around town!

One of the "Christmasy Windows" in the town!
Greatest part about the trip...the Night Watchmen's Tour. Not only was he SOO funny (in a dry sense of humor kind of way) but we learned soo much about the town...and he informed us that a German man AND an American man saved this town during World War II...pretty cool.

This is one of the entrances to Rothenburg, I love it at night all lit up.

Ok...SECOND greatest part about this town was the place that we stayed. A German woman named Karin Weiss's Bed and Breakfast. She was such a witty cute lady who spoke Great English! It was a very authentic German house and she made us little "surprises" (smoothies) and put them in the fridge, PLUS, she made us a "Royal" Breakfast as she called it, and sat with us as we ate and told us stories of Germany. It was awesome!
You can climb up on the wall of the city and walk around and look out at the entire city!

Karin's House :)

NEXT on our Agenda was Munich. It was a MUCH nicer day!

They have so many crazy statues throughout the towns, so here is Clair and his "friend" :)

We all walked in this church and were in fascinating, but I don't know who could actually sit in this church and learn anything??

The "RotHaus" or Red House, which is basically the Town Hall of Munich.

Annie, Travis, Clair, and Matt all climbed to the top of one of the buildings and were able to look out...pretty cool view!

In our hotel at night...we styled Colton's hair like Matt used to get his hair styled-- they have the same Cowlick (I love these boys!!)

The NEXT Day we drove to the Beautiful Salzburg Austria, the scenery was incredible. We were trying to take pictures outside of the window--here are the ALps!

It was 48 degrees and SUNNY when we arrived in Salzburg--couldn't get any better than that :) Colton got to hold our hand and walk around..yay!!

Walking across the bridge to the city!

Yes, Mozart is from Salzburg!

Here is the street Mozart was born on...and they have cafes and shops all for him!

This very special pond with horses was straight from the movie "The Sound of Music!"

Another Cathedral...we couldn't get enough!

Sari was in search for the Neunburg Abbey from the Sound of Music so we did a lot of walking/hiking, but we found it!! Matt and I in front of the gate to enter in. They also filmed part of the road leading up to the castle in the we went up to the castle too :)

All in All it took about 2 hours probably to get up to the castle..and it was STEEP! But...look at this view of Salzburg. I swear it looks like it is straight out of a post card!!

Inside the castle they had stores with Marionettes and fun little things! And here we all are about to leave Salzburg! It was such an amazing city!!
Anyway, we have been having a blasT!! We are taking a couple of days off..but there is much more to come!!


Julie said...

WOW! How fun... I can't believe how much you have done already. Great pictures. It looks like you couldn't talk Travis out of rolling up his pants. He is goofy... Love YA

Anonymous said...

Can I come back and see all of those places? That is so awesome! Tell Travis he looks like a goober with his pants like that! I loved the contrast on that picture that looked just like a postcard! Maybe you should make postcards out of it... Merry Christmas my friends!

Jennifer said...

Wow, you live in a beautiufl place! I love all of those pictures. I kept thinking you were your mom in a lot of them, haha! You look so much alike!! Miss you girlie, Colton is sooooo cute!!

Mike and London said...

merry Christmas Chelsey!!! just wanted to say hello and that I love and miss ya!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

SO FUN! I am glad you are getting so many visitors! I love all your pictures! We are missing you guys! I am glad you are doing well!

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