Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mikkel's Debut in Deutschland

Mikkel made it safe and sound to DEUTSCHLAND. I was waiting patiently at the airport when I peeked my head into the baggage claim (Yeah, weird that I couldn't go into the baggage claim??) Anyway- I told my friend Sylke she would be the only person wearing sweats (an American thing), and there I saw her chatting with the German police. I thought she was lost looking for me so I yelled her name into the room. She waved back, the police "let her go" and she was free to explore Germany. I guess the "polizei" thought she looked too American or something and was trying to stop her, but me "the German friend" rescued her!!
I'm not going to lie, Colton was a little afraid of her, but she pulled out the goodies Matt's mom sent, and he warmed right up:)
Colton's new face (kind of like his Dad's when he plays basketball) - and weird that Mikkel was doing it to? I had to capture this...
We went to our bank, Sparkasse, and Mikkel tried to get money out but it told us in German basically NO. Sooo... a kind German fellow who has helped me many times at the bank assisted us. STILL...no money!! He sent us on a Journey through the cobblestone streets to another bank, at this point, we were a little stressed, but Voila, she got money!! 150 Euros= 225 dollars (About) Kind of depressing.
We were able to attend the Weissenfels Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market), and I think all 25-30,000 people in this town were there that day! How fun!
Don't ask
Christmas booths GaloRe!

Welcome to HALLE. Mikkel learned it was pronounced HOLLA instead of Hally. She got a kick out of that. After church (we sang Angels we have heard on high in German, funny that the chorus is the same as in English) we went to the Christmas market.
They had All of the Fairytales set up....Rupunzel?
I LOVE the Ich Liebe Dich hearts- they sell them EVERYWHERE. Maybe my husband will buy me one ;)
Great story about a True German Man. As we were walking, his eyes did not lose contact with us-- creepy, but funny. Also, we weren't wearing JAckets-oh no 50 and sunny with only long sleeves!!! We were bound to get a cold. We basically just walked around saying, "No I'm not cold" in English because we definitely got some looks.
Monday morning we got to go to the most Beautiful city I have seen so far (well, it's a toss-up, but it was pretty amazing) Anyway, DRESDEN.
Sad to say, we have doubles on all of our pictures for the first 3 hours and THEN our camera's both DIED!
SO, here are some sweet pictures that we DO have!
We walked up a 260 stair spiral stair case holding my 25 pound child to see THIS:
And this....
Martin Luther in front of the Frauenkirche (Women's church). It was completely demolished during the war, but they built it back exactly the way it was.
We ate at this restaurant- and payed 50 cents to change Colton's diaper- twice!
Mikkel and her new liebe in Deutschland.
Cool bus?

This was Mikkel's German version of Macaroni and Cheese...mmmm
At the restaurant
Lovely Bridge along the Elbe River
One of the many streets of Christmas markets...
This is probably my favorite picture thus far in Germany.
She was lost?
So in love are they two that they don't know what to do...
Mikkel thinks she is the photographer of the year...new job at the journal??
Okay, so arrived at the Zwinger Palace and the camera's went dead. This was our last photo in Dresden, sad day.

On our way home from Dresden, we were cruising along the Autobahn, when everyone abruptly stopped, turned off their lights, and cars and started getting out, smoking, talking...we sat and sat and sat for 3 hours! They were all most likely listening on the radio what was going on, but NOT US, we were oblivious. We got into a really deep conversation and sometimes it's nice to sit and be stuck somewhere to be able to truly enjoy the company of those around you. I know, lame, but this is not a joke. And to top it off, Colton just sat in Matt's lap, loving being in the car and not in a car seat.

P.S. Mikkel brought fun books, toys, and From Matt's parents clothes, shoes, books, treats :) Thanks guys!!! We love stuff from home!

P.S.S. Colton went to the German doctor last week, weighing in a wopping 11.5 kg (25 pounds) and 80 cm (31.5 inches).


Taylor and Lyndsi said...

YAY you have a camera! Love all the pictures! Your hair looks so long in all these pictures!!! 25lbs, huh! Big boy! Can't believe his birthday is coming up!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see that Mikkel made it alive... We were all word about her big travel. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Tell Mikkel I would LOVE a Ich liebe dich heart. We say that to Beckham all the time.

Karrie Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi !
I thing the Fairytale told on the
christmas market is the "Froschkönig". I dont know how it is told in Englisch. Maybe Frog King or so.

chelseyandmatt said...

YES! Thank you anonymous!! I don't think I have heard that one?? Thanks for your comments!

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