Friday, March 9, 2012


Last weekend we got to go to Boise to watch my brother, Tanner,
play in the State Basketball Tournament.
He is a senior in High School and it was his first year at Rigby H.S.
I think he is an awesome kid.
Not very many 17 year old boys can leave there school, friends and life
and create a new one and within a year
have new friends, play on a new team and do great,
and Enjoy life.
(Except my other brother, Tyson, who did it his senior year too--
My family is just awesome)

It was crazy watching their team.
The first game, the team was struggling a bit,
Tanner came in early in the first quarter and hit a 3, got a steal
and scored a lay-up at the other end.
They never looked back from there.
They won the 2nd game soundly
and in the championship game I kept saying to Matt,
"Are you kidding me?  They are going to win!"
I felt like it was never really hard for them
Matt kept saying to me, "I think you are underestimating how Good they are!"
Anyway, it was really fun to watch.

And best of all, we got to see my parents, my two brothers, and sister-in-law.
Oh, and grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.
SOO much of our family went and supported Rigby.
It was awesome.

My brother, Tyson, and his wife Carli
Mylee went to bed at about 11-12 every night, and woke up before 7, one morning before 6.
She is not easy to sit with at games, AT ALL.  She likes to squirm and move and jump and climb, etc.
At the beginning of the championship game I laid her on my legs and she passed out.
She slept the entire game!!!
How awesome is that, we got to watch the entire game without chasing her!
Here they are...the Champions.
They had curtains for each team to go stand behind and celebrate/mingle after the game.
Colton loves his Uncle Tanner!

We ended up staying at the gym for at least 2 hours after the game.
Mylee was wired because she had just taken a nap until 8 o'clock at night.
Sometimes she is a little uncontrollable...but we wouldn't have it any other way!

We also got to check out some apartments in Boise.
My parents watched the kids all morning while we drove from place to place to place.
I think I am just more confused now about where to live!

Overall it was an awesome weekend.
We're so glad we got to see family and watch my brother play.
Mylee slept 4 out of the 5 hour drive home.
Greatest drive ever!

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Julie said...

I love this post... Thank you so much for making, and taking the time to come... I have thought several times about what Matt said... What if we don't go, and they win it all! It happened and you were there... Thank you for your love for us all.. and sharing your beautiful family with us. I love you all so much! Love MOM

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