Monday, March 12, 2012

Intramural Championship week

Matt and I have both been playing intramurals for a month now.
Both of our teams made it to the playoffs.
That meant we both had a game every night last week.
Monday we both had a bye
So we enjoyed the one night not at the gym.

Tuesday we were getting ready to leave and got Mylee all ready.
Colton was taking a quick bath because we were going to get home late.
Matt and I were both getting ready...
All of the sudden I hear, "No baby!!!"  Followed by a splash.
I guess she wanted to take a bath too!

At least she is SO dang cute.
Mylee blowing kisses at the game!

We won our first games...Mylee getting ready to go the next night.
In her pajamas :)

My friend, Heather, who I play basketball with
and her daughter Jordan
Colton Loves Jordan, and obviously Heather
Reading books at the game!

They have a website where they post pictures from the I stole a few of them.
These were from the championship

Here is my fun team that consisted of girls who are all in law school!
We lost in the championship..oh well!

They won!!!

I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty fun week.
Starting next week Matt and I are playing on a co-ed Intramural team together.
Lots more fun coming our way!

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etreiersen said...

How funny that Mylee just jumped in the tub with her clothes on.

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