Thursday, March 22, 2012


Spring Break.
Last week was Spring Break.
The weather was Great (at the beginning)
We went to a park.
With Matt!!

If you can't tell,
the kids Loved it.

Mylee became a little Daddy's Girl
with all the time she got to spend with him!
(She also developed a sassy little attitude)

Matt and the kids ate Fun Dip!

We watched basketball all day Thursday and Friday
On Friday afternoon I got to go up to Coeur D'Alene
and stay in my friends time share on the lake!!

We stayed up til 4 a.m. talking
Got up at 8 and went shopping in
Spokane ALL DAY long.
It was fun!

I got home...and could tell the kids missed me ;)
Colton showing me all of his "Faces"

I got Colton this awesome 24-piece puzzle for $5
He did it non-stop and mastered it after the first couple of tries!
He now sleeps with it in his bed,
I love how easy it is to please children!

It snowed this week.
We have been inside a lot.
And we miss our daddy!
The next 6 weeks of school better go by fast!

But then it means we have to leave Moscow
and I don't know how happy I am about that!


etreiersen said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing spring break. How to stay in Coeur d'Alene with friends and go shopping.

Very impressive that Colton can do a 24 piece puzzle. I LOVE Mylee's hair, it is so cute.

Enjoy your next 6 weeks in Moscow!

Lyss said...

Oh how I miss spring break! And I know how you feel, leaving Moscow is hard :)! We miss you and your cute family!

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