Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free photo shoot

There is a lady in our area who has recently gotten into photography.
She had a contest and the winner got a free photo shoot.

I was really excited--
until we showed up
and my smiley little girl
would NOT smile.

Oh well, I think we still got some cute ones :)

But, I am pretty glad I didn't pay over $100 to get her pictures taken.
Maybe I will wait until I can bribe her before we do that again!!!

P.S. Mylee is 14 months old TOMORROW.
I swear she just turned a year.
Her new word is "UH-OH"
She throws food off her tray and says it
She throws my phone on the ground and says it
She falls off the couch and says it

She also puts her finger over her lips and says "SHHHH"
Way too often.

She gets so excited when she sees anyone, and starts squealing and waving.

She is starting to be a tiny bit less picky.

She goes to bed great, takes great naps, but is still having her diarrhea trouble.

She climbs all the way to the top of a big jungle gym turns around
 and slides all the way down All by herself.
She has no fear.

She is such a Happy little girl!

We are so lucky she came to our family!


mrs. olson said...

Even without smiling, those are ADORABLE pictures!!

etreiersen said...

What a beautiful little girl you have. How awesome that you got those pictures for free.

Cindy said...

fun photo shoot, even without the smiles.

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