Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13

Today I am grateful for Sundays.

It is the best day of the week.

And today was even better because Matt had no meetings this morning and got home an hour after church :)

Mylee took a 3 hour nap, and so did Matt and I.  Colton watched the movie Rio- twice!

Matt and I made a Japanese dish my dad learned on his mission, "Curry", for dinner.

I made chocolate chip cookies and we had friends over and ate them :)

Colton and Mylee danced in the living room while listening to music.

We put the kids to bed and Matt and I sat here and looked at Christmas presents, he told me he can't think of one thing he wants for Christmas so I told him he wasn't going to get anything and not to feel bad.  Why waste the money if he doesn't want anything right??  He is totally fine with that.  He also told me Colton is still too young to remember what he gets, so why get him or Mylee anything?

Sad to be in Law School...but it is the best time when our kids are young and we live in a tiny apartment- no room for anything else!

We are having our nightly snack and then will go read in bed together. 

I love our simple Sundays.


Dave and Ashley said...

That sounds like an AWESOME Sunday! We love it when Haddie takes a long nap on Sundays. :)

Megan said...

We totally do that for Christmas. It's just mutual that we don't get eachother anything. we don't feel bad about it either. It kinda makes it easier to get something during the year that you really want/need. Just this year Cora is a little more aware of it all, but we're just gonna work on keeping her expectations low. Sounds mean, but we think it great.

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