Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So, this month is National Blog Posting Month.  You are supposed to write a blog post every day!  I don't know why I am even attempting this...BUT I figure it is a good way to count my blessings this month of Thanksgiving.  (I know, I already missed the first day)

Last night, we had a girls night.  Amazing food, fun games, made bows, and I have the greatest friends here!  We have decided we are heading to Boise for Matt's 3rd year, and this will probably be the hardest move for me thus far in my life- AND I have moved A LOT! 

I have NEVER been a girls night girl. My best friends have always been my basketball teammates or classmates, and Matt of course. Last year, Matt studied all day and every night and every Saturday all day. Us girls, we stuck together, and we all helped each other get through the first year of law school, having babies and all, without our families close by. I love these girls and am So thankful they have been in my life at this time!

We also NEVER take pictures when we get together (without our children)  Here is a picture of Some of us (we will need to get a real one sometime with everyone :)) some zombies hehe.  They are my work-out partners, my babysitters, my meal planners, I can go to them to talk about our kids, our good days, bad days, our sleepless nights, our favorite tv shows, desserts, crafts, our desires to be a better person, mom, wife, exerciser, eater, etc. etc.  I love them all and treasure these 2 years in Moscow I have been able to spend with them.

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Lyss said...

Good friends do make all the difference in the world! I am kinda glad though that you will be moving to Boise, maybe we will get to see each other more often (fingers crossed)!

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