Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4

Well..since I haven't blogged about our Halloween yet, but I have to blog about what I am thankful for....this is going to be an I'm thankful for Holidays post :)

I love Holiday's--every single Holiday. I'm not going to lie, I don't go all out with decorating and stuff, but I love them nonetheless. 

Anyway- this year, we had lots of fun Halloween activities!  It started off with my friend Paige and her husband, Phil's annual Halloween party.  This was the weekend before Halloween.  It was a costume contest, dance, dinner, dessert, pie eating, donut eating competition.  SO fun!  My parents were still in town, and my mom actually helped decorate and they took Mylee home early so we could stay for a little more fun :)

I made Matt enter the donut eating competition since I think he has a really big mouth...and he can eat!  BUT..sadly-- HE LOST!  He got 2nd place!!  One of his friends (another law student) I guess has a bigger mouth than he does :)

Here are most of the guests...all dressed up!

The Friday before Halloween we had a ward party (no pictures) and the Saturday before, we had Trunk-or-Treating. 

The day of Halloween, we went to the mall for Trick-or-Treating.

Colton was sick, I was sick, it was perfect for us.

 My cute can tell Colton is not so happy!
Mylee was a little witch who would not keep her hat on!
O...and YES, he was a monkey last year. My mom got him this cute dragon costume, and I had made the mistake of earlier letting him try on the monkey just to see if it still fit.  So, after we made him try on the dragon costume, he only wanted to be a monkey--I wasn't going to fight him about it!

The greatest part about the night was that ALL of my friends (plus lots of other people) did a Flashmob dance to "Thriller", in the middle of the mall, while everyone was there Trick-or- Treating.  I really don't know the reason I decided not to do it, I was sick, had sick kids, was tired bla bla bla, I didn't do it but LOVED watching it!!  They were awesome...even got on the news!

So...there you have it. Our exciting Halloween (that I am thankful for ;))

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mrs. olson said...

We left just before the dancing at the mall. Bummer! Happy Halloween!!!

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